What we do...

We create unique experiences that inspire and fulfil curiosity and creativity.

Our experiences are practical, flexible and affordable. You can finally have a taste of the life you always envisioned. Don't just learn the theory, experience it all!

How do we do this?
  • With a team of committed individuals who never doubt that they can make it happen

  • By putting quality at the core of everything we do

  • Creating experiences with personality and relevant to busy life nowadays

  • Running effective activities/program that are targeted and focused on self-improvement


A selection of workshops in different fields and disciplines to suit all skill levels throughout the year 

All our workshops are currently available as public courses. However, they can also be private, where we offer a one-to-one tailored service to your specific needs.  

Stephen A.

 I thoroughly enjoyed my first shoot and I can't wait for your next adventure!
Your Fashion Photography workshop is one of the best I ever witnessed and hope to do more with you guy's in the future.
The workshop and your expertise represents more than value for money.

Helen M.

It was my first time here, and I was very impressed with the class. The teacher was friendly and helpful and really knows what she's doing. Very practical yet different from other classes I've been.


A brilliant opportunity to try something a little different, learn a new skill and meet like-minded people. Currently offer includes Yoga and Painting.

All our classes are also available on request as a private class for a group or perhaps for a team-building activity. 

Corporate training

Adapt to change and prepare for growth through a range of different training sessions, workshops and activities.

Private parties

We can develop and customize unique experiences for your special occasion, taking care of every detail.

Hen Parties. Choose one of our packages or create your own with our Pick & Mix option. 

Our approach

Provide excellent value & equip customers with a complete toolkit to develop themselves and achieve their life goals. Regardless of background, we empower people to step our of their comfort zone and have a taste of the life they envision. 

We love our customers

We started Kilometre Zero because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to stop, recalibrate, start from zero and follow their passion to experience the life they envision. That's actually how we came up with our name - Kilometre Zero. An absolute starting point from where they can go forth for many Kilometres (or miles!). 

But it's the feedback and responses which confirm that what we are doing really hits home.  We've helped people:

  • Rediscover their passion

  • Create stunning portfolios

  • Meet like-minded people and mentors to pursue a new career

  • Learn how to create a business vision 

  • Cultivate talent and self-improvement

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Thank you for taking the time to see how we can help you boost your creativity. We want nothing more than to see you grow and improve. Even if we cannot help you today, we would love to do so in the future. Contact us. We would like to hear from you!


For General Enquiries info@kilometrezero.co.uk

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