Reviews direct from our customers

Simon S.

I want to thank YOU...what an absolutely wonderful day! I couldn't stop editing and choosing the photos so I am still doing it.. Thanks to Kilometre Zero for organising this workshop! Thanks for the motivation!

Izabella B.

Thank you for the opportunity. I really enjoyed it and hope to take part on other workshop too. 

Sinead F.

Thanks so much for Saturday, had a lot of fun and found it to be a very valuable experience.

Helen M.

It was my first time here, and I was very impressed with the class. The teacher was friendly and helpful and really knows what she's doing. Very practical yet different from other classes I've been.

Richard W.

Loved every minute of this workshop so thank you all at Kilometre Zero. From the directors great welcoming and clarity through to the inspirational tutoring. This workshop exceeded expectations and will definitely be back as got so many shots I really like

Stephen A.

 I thoroughly enjoyed my first shoot and I can't wait for your next adventure!Your Fashion Photography workshop is one of the best I ever witnessed and hope to do more with you guy's in the future.The workshop and your expertise represents more than value for money.

Simon C.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the terrific workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am really looking forward to attending another workshop on next week. See you then!

Angelika G.

Thank you all for a lovely day, hope to see you soon

Alice T.

Excellent. I loved practising mindfulness and yoga outside. I liked the workshop format with a bit of time for discussion.  I thought it was a fabulous workshop and I hope to some to future workshops. 

Kirsty H.

Very interesting, good teacher & very calming & informative.  Very worthwhile & good value for money.

Mark M.

Friendly, informative and joyfully. Learnt a great deal. The friendly and professional people who were involved in running it.  Networking and learning new skills with new like minded individuals.

Angelo G.

You featured a leading photographer in the genre of street photography with decades of experience to help give advice in a practical and friendly way and who was very concerned to ensure he was giving value for money.

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We started Kilometre Zero because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to stop, recalibrate, start from zero and follow their passion to experience the life they envision. That's actually how we came up with our name - Kilometre Zero. An absolute starting point from where they can go forth for many Kilometres (or miles!). 

But it's the feedback and responses which confirm that what we are doing really hits home.  We've helped people:

  • Rediscover their passion

  • Create stunning portfolios

  • Meet like-minded people and mentors to pursue a new career

  • Learn how to create a business vision 

  • Cultivate talent and self-improvement

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