A Quest for Inspiration

October 1, 2017



Where do you find your inspiration?


The million dollar question every artist has been asked at least once in their life. A question full of flaws that leave us with nothing but bitty responses.


Creativity and inspiration are not something passive that comes and goes at random.

We talked to local artist Adam Taylor about his upcoming Texture painting workshop in Edinburgh and how he became an artist.


On a quest to figure out what does inspiration truly means and how to shake away our fears and start creating, we asked Adam how did he got into painting and specifically into texture painting.


“I studied Illustration formally and naturally adopted a painterly style. This evolved from using paint and chalk, to incorporating textured surfaces and objects to enhance the presence of the paintings. I think this technique also gives me endless possibilities and avenues to explore.” Said Adam.


Artist: Adam Taylor 


Explore... maybe that’s it!. We do not need to wait for motivation, for a magical moment when the muses will appear and give us a chance. Maybe all we need is to keep the flame of curiosity alive and challenge ourselves to keep exploring and practising new ways of art.

But even though we are all creative beings, how can we unblock the urge to explore and experiment with art?


Someone once said: “Luck is just the time when preparation meets opportunity”. So how do we prepare ourselves? What do we look for? How can we use influences to create our own style?


“For my work I take inspiration from the surrounding world. I observe and interpret as best as I can. Nature can be fascinating and complex. But also seemingly mundane situations can bring opportunities for work. I think through my heavy use of texture and bold colours, I can express the power and impressive presence of my subjects. As Matisse said "People see flowers where they want to see flowers". In terms of artistic influences, I am impressed by individual styles that are unique and have personality. From painters such as Peploe, Van Gogh and Alan Fearnley, to the highly stylised drawings of Jim Steranko and playful illustrations of Korky Paul and Brenda Haw.”

The artist told us.


Artist: Adam Taylor 


We live in a society full of choices, more than we can sometimes handle. New artists are bringing new concepts of modern art, new ways to interpret creativity and the time we live on, breaking the established rules and guidelines for what it is considered a masterpiece.


We asked Adam what does he think of Contemporary art. “It depends what you mean by contemporary art!” said the artist. “I think all art is valid and is an expression of the individual. To a certain extent I do not believe there is any bad (or good) art, just different art. Nobody is right or wrong, it is merely a question of taste. The boundaries of art are constantly being tested and expanded, which I always find interesting. It is important for different ideas to be shown and also for artists to "move with the times". A lot of art is very safe and conservative. The best art in my opinion operates outwith comfort zones and challenges old ideals and suggests the new.”


                   Artist: Adam Taylor 


So now we know. Finding artistic inspiration is all about shaking away the creativity burnout we may have created in our minds trying to stick to conservative ways of art, seeking for sudden inspiration and waiting for motivation to make their big appearance, when at the end of the day, all you need to do is to unleash your creativity, do what you love and never stop working.


There are many opportunities nowadays to develop your skills, learn new techniques, experiment and explore with new materials and styles and meet like-minded people. So what are you waiting for?


Adam, who will be leading a series of Texture painting workshop at his studio in Edinburgh, told us what can we expect at these workshops.


“In my workshop, I want to offer a fun and informal evening. My philosophy is that everybody is an artist and that everybody DOES have a creative bone in their body; one just has to find it!. My workshops will be messy and colourful and hopefully broaden the technical repertoire of a seasoned artist, or inspire a new hobby in a beginner. Everybody is welcome!”


For more information about the workshops, visit the events section.


For more information about Adam Taylor, visit www.agt-design.co.uk.





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