Shades of Wine and Paint

April 18, 2017

It is not a secret that Wine & painting parties are an ongoing trend nowadays but what makes these two pair together so well?


The place of wine in art has a long history but was it after the 18th century when painters clearly became less interested in conveying morals and religious values and more interested in express themselves and portray the world around them. 


Artists started to take a more relaxed attitude towards painting and started drawing from what they perceived. That, in turn, is largely a reflection of their personal experience and culture. So wine in art is both psychological and cultural in nature.


Wine & Painting parties


Attending a painting party can be a bit intimidating for people who've never been at one of this events before. But honestly, you could bring family, friends, or a date to a painting party and they'd have fun, because you don't need to be an artist or creative genius to have fun at this kind of events.


Following the step-by-step instructions from your teacher while sipping your favourite wine will help you release your inner artist out. Even those without a stroke of painting experience are at ease.


This relaxed environment allows people who didn’t think they would ever have a chance to paint to go home with their own masterpiece.


The image you'll be painting is usually preselected, and it's most likely a landscape or still life. But whatever you do, don't beat yourself up. It certainly doesn't have to be the same as the teacher's. Everyone's there to have fun and relax, regardless of whatever painting skills they may have.


A little trick If you're using a reference photo, is to draw a grid over it and then do the same on your canvas. It makes it easy to see what goes where.



Edinburgh Wine & Paint event


Wine & Paint parties arrived to Edinburgh! This May, our first Wine & Painting evening will be taking place at St Margaret's Hall where our professional artist, Basia Mindewicz will be helping you release your inner artist and have a blast!

We had a chat with Basia about this new project and got to know her a bit more.

Basia, diploma in Icon Painting (arts), has been passionate about teaching and inspiring people for over 8 years, to be more creative and explore the possibilities of applying new innovative and contemporary techniques to traditional art.

"I like to use contemporary techniques but I also try to create the necessary space that gives people an opportunity to slow down, reconnect with themselves and experience stillness." she said, "Creating is a natural gift that we all carry and through this practice people can discover the creativity within themselves"

The everyday modern life dictates that we need to be good at several disciplines and the feeling of 'failing' or not be 'good enough' can definitely be a total bummer to our creativity. However when we open up to experiment with art and to take a moment of relaxation for ourselves, forgetting the pressure of success, that's when we will reconnect with our creativity. 

"I always do my best to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and not to put any pressure on my students. Especially beginners. I allow time for each person to become comfortable in the space and with the materials before I can give them a gentle feedback." said Basia.

But is not all just about creativity. The social impact that art and communication has on us is a very important factor that contributes to making these events a success. Meeting new like-minded people from different backgrounds can create a strong bound and inspire you to take on a more relaxed attitude, not only for the students, but for the artists too.


"I am really grateful for all the students I have been guiding for the past years. The chance to teach people of different backgrounds, from different cultures taught me a lot. It is fascinating to see how our background contributes to the way we create." Basia told us.


So if you are looking for a fun evening meeting new people, enjoying some wine and releasing your creativity, join us Friday May 12th at 6.30pm for a lovely Wine & painting event in collaboration with Edinburgh School of Icons. 


More about the event - click here


More about the artist - click here






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