The new face of Portraiture

April 10, 2017

Portraits have been around since the beginning of time. Paintings, sculptures and drawn portraits were the only way to record someone’s appearance until something happened: The invention of photography.


From Pinhole cameras through Polaroid, all the way to smartphone ‘selfies’, the culture of portrait is more alive than ever.


Whilst historically portraits have been used to show the power, virtue, beauty or  wealth of people, contemporary portraits are defined by new media such as fashion or new technology trends.


 Natalia T. Photography


Indoor or Outdoor?


Choosing between shooting portraits inside a studio and outdoors can be a  difficult decision. Every photographer has its own preference for outdoor or indoor photography but, what makes them different?


The convenience of working indoors often makes sense. The unlimited amount of creative freedom that lighting systems can provide, can create exactly what the photographer requires to take the perfect portrait, whether it’s fluorescent lights, back-lighting, brightness or diffusion. There’s a freedom that comes from setting up and shooting away knowing that a scene is perfectly lit and won’t change until you want it to. Sometimes such control can be a lifesaver and only an indoor photoshoot will do to attain the expected results.


However if you are looking for a more natural and  unique portrait, the outdoors will be your best option.


Nothing beats natural light and whether it can be always a gamble with weather conditions, a photographer will know which times of day will have the best light and how to manipulate outdoor light with reflectors in order to get the best lighting for pictures.


Besides the advantages of working with available sunlight, another perk of working outdoors is the unlimited backgrounds. When outdoors, the location options are endless. Such environments invariably impart an organic, relaxed feel into photographs that can be perfect for portraiture or other shoots involving models.


Regardless of where you might prefer to shoot, organisation, attention to detail, and an understanding of your gear will always be needed for a successful session.


 Natalia T. Photography



The impact of new technologies


Portraiture is often dismissed as an art form mired in the past: deadly dull, deadly old-fashioned. The reason? Until the 20th century portraits were shoot very similar to paintings, with the main focus attention on showing off someone’s wealth and social status. This, coupled with the slow shutter speeds of early cameras meant people were not even able to show emotions in the picture as a result.


However, the 20th century brought a varied range of new technology to the photography field, including cameras, lenses, lighting systems and digitalization.


Traditionally, Portrait photography required classically fast, medium telephoto lenses. However for the past decades, photographers started experimenting with many other types of lenses such as shorter focal length (particularly for full body shots), or longer focal length (particularly in fashion photography, to increase the flattening effect, or in very cropped facial shots) giving this field of photography a completely new image. 


Suddenly, portrait photographers were able to ditch static dull backgrounds staged in dark studios and start capturing people’s personalities.


Natalia T. Photography



Portrait Photography in Edinburgh 


Edinburgh is an eclectic and vibrant city which is often used by photographers all around the world as background for their fashion photoshoots and films.


Join us this Spring season for a series of Portrait photography workshops where you can rediscover your passion and learn different techniques such as how to use the refresher on the camera, shutter speed and f-stop numbers as well as how to choose different lenses to enhance your portrait shooting.


This workshops are designed for photography enthusiasts wanting to develop their knowledge and practice of outdoor Portrait Photography.


Our expert photographer Natalia Torres, graduated in Photography and with more than 8 years of experience, will lead the group through the streets of Edinburgh and teach hand by hand with a professional model how to capture someone's personality, use effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.


For more information about the workshops click here


For more information about Natalia T. Photography click here










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