Millennial Language Crisis

March 27, 2017

Why learn a foreign language?


“I’d love to speak another language, but…”


Over the years we all have said this sentence at least once in our lives.  Modern urban living presents many daily obstacles and challenges that can make us feel demotivated and tired at times.  But, how different would our attitude be if we would be certain of the influence and benefits learning a new language may have in our immediate future?



Multiculturalism and languages


We live in multicultural environments that give people the chance to experience different things outside of what they are normally accustomed to. Diversity  is a tricky thing to use and understand because it has both negative and positive effects on society such as education, violence and employment.


Language barriers can become a kick-starter for disaster. It’s safe to say that communication is key in how to figure out what exactly is the effect of multiculturalism and how diversity can benefit us in a personal and professional level.  




The future of Millennials and the influence of languages


International experience is a must for young people across both sides of the Atlantic. The world is changing fast. More companies than ever are doing business in several – often dozens of – countries around the world, but they can’t do it without hiring global-minded people who can speak at least one foreign language. Even in small, local companies, chances are that the ability to speak a second language will set you apart from other applicants.


Learning a new language can not only open the door to new opportunities but can offer you much more on a cultural level. It can enrich your life with authentic cultural experiences, it can lead you to your soulmate or to the place you always dreamed of.


Studies say that fifty-four percent of millennials have dated outside their racial group, and a whopping 88 percent said they were open to doing so.


New technologies bring us together making travel more accessible and affordable but also makes education and specially the learning of languages, free and shareable.


Language and culture are intimately linked. Learn another language and you’ll have insight into another culture. The better we communicate with each other, the better our society becomes.



What we do

We are currently organising a series of Language Exchange workshops where people can join us for a fun evening, having a drink, playing games and meeting new people with who to practice a second language. Ditch the books for a day and practice a new language while still having fun.

For more information click here.




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