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We believe that regardless of background, everyone can pursue their passion and manifest their best self.

What else do you get? Innovation not limitation. Integrity. Drive. Accountability. Community. Quality 

Our purpose is to empower people to step out of their comfort zone and have a taste of the life they envision by providing them with meaningful experiences.

Our Story

After a long week of work, Kilometre Zero co-founders Silvia and Albert, were looking for something new to do over the weekend which wouldn't break the bank.

When looking at a local events directory they realised there was nothing interesting to do. As young professionals, they were stuck between events geared towards students only or families but with very limited choice in between.

Whenever they found something that would fit that generation gap, it would simply be too expensive, serious, require a membership or a long-term commitment across different dates. It was always either out of budget or very time-consuming.  

They missed having the opportunity to attend cultural and vocational experiences where they could meet like-minded people, create a sense of community and share their passions. 

Besides this, they were trapped in an outdated professional environment, trying to climb the corporate ladder that never went anywhere and with no room for creativity. 
With no outlet to express themselves and conscious that times are changing, they quickly realised that there is a huge demand for different and more meaningful as well as useful experiences but that there are no providers meeting this demand. This is when they decided to fill the gap and start their own firm.

Through Kilometre Zero they are now able to offer a different range of opportunities and experiences open to anyone, no matter their background, age, level of skills or gear. 

Kilometre Zero strives to provide excellent value & equip customers with a complete toolkit to develop themselves and achieve their life goals. Regardless of background, everyone can pursue their passion and manifest their best self.

Why choose Kilometre Zero?


Our experiences are practical, flexible and affordable. You can finally have a taste of the life you always dreamt of. Don't just learn the theory, experience it all!.

Begin now and discover your full potential.

Want a career at Kilometre zero?

We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join a growing organisation and to help us achieve challenging targets.

Would you describe yourself as?

Positive, motivated and hardworking

Passionate about creativity and helping people

Resourceful and willing to take initiative

Organised with attention to detail.

At Kilometre Zero we...

We love collaboration and feedback. 

Value integrity and individuality

Provide excellent service

Promote creativity


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher 



Fashion Photographer



Painting Artist





Thank you for taking the time to see how we can help you boost your creativity. We want nothing more than to see you grow and improve. Even if we cannot help you today, we would love to do so in the future. Contact us. We would like to hear from you!


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