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We create unique experiences that inspire and fulfil curiosity and creativity.

Pursue your passion and become the best version of yourself.
"We are not just entrepreneurs, we are visionaries"

Our vision is to become a pioneering global provider of meaningful experiences that enrich people's lives.

We love our customers

We started Kilometre Zero because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to stop, recalibrate, start from zero and follow their passion to experience the life they envision. That's actually how we came up with our name - Kilometre Zero. An absolute starting point from where they can go forth for many Kilometres (or miles!). 

But it's the feedback and responses which confirm that what we are doing really hits home.  We've helped people:

  • Rediscover their passion

  • Create stunning portfolios

  • Meet like-minded people and mentors to pursue a new career

  • Learn how to create a business vision 

  • Cultivate talent and self-improvement

What our customers say

Sinead F.

Thanks so much for Saturday, had a lot of fun and found it to be a very valuable experience.

Richard W.

Loved every minute of this workshop so thank you all at Kilometre Zero. From the directors great welcoming and clarity through to the inspirational tutoring. This workshop exceeded expectations and will definitely be back as got so many shots I really like

Simon S.

I want to thank YOU...what an absolutely wonderful day! I couldn't stop editing and choosing the photos so I am still doing it.. Thanks to Kilometre Zero for organising this workshop! Thanks for the motivation!



Thank you for taking the time to see how we can help you boost your creativity. We want nothing more than to see you grow and improve. Even if we cannot help you today, we would love to do so in the future. Contact us. We would like to hear from you!


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